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The safety of our patients and staff is of the utmost importance to Quest Medical Aesthetics. We are following the latest guidelines from WHO, BCCDC, and WorkSafe BC.

As an experienced medical clinic, we have always adhered to universal precautions, cross-contamination reduction as well as strict sanitation, disinfection and sterilization regimes.

As always, we are happy to be able to be here for your cosmetic and wellness needs. Thank you for being patient while we follow through with Covid-19 protocols.

Surgical Mask

 Here are some of the ways we are keeping our clinic staff and patients safe from Covid-19:

  • The clinic is organized and arranged in a way that promotes safe social distancing.

  • Staff and patients observe social distancing and wear protective equipment.

  • Rooms and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized between each patient.

  • Staff and patients are screened for COVID symptoms or exposure. If a risk is identified, they do not come into the clinic.

  • Patient appointments are staggered to minimize contact.

  • Virtual consultations are made an option, and online forms help reduce time in the clinic.

  • Hand sanitizer use is mandatory at the front door, for all patients and staff.

  • Staff wear masks and we ask our patients to wear them as well. Patients are encouraged to bring their own, but we will provide if needed.

  • The reception desk is set up in a way that prevents a breech in keeping a safe distance.

  • Social distancing is ensured by escorting each patient from the front door directly to their consultation room.

  • Patients are asked to arrive on time to their scheduled appointment to help avoid interaction with other patients.

  • Our waiting room is set up to accommodate a limited number of people only when necessary.

  • Patients are asked to avoid bringing anyone with them into the clinic unless it is essential for the treatment or consultation eg. interpreters.

  • Group meetings are conducted virtually.

  • Staff coming in close contact with patients wear eye protection and gloves and gowns.

  • High touch areas are sanitized frequently.

  • Washrooms have frequent sanitization and are also professionally cleaned each day.

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